Conflicted: Deck 6 - Nuclear Fallout

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Scenarios you'll face in the event of a nuclear war


  • A scenario-based card game that involves strategy, negotiation and leadership skills.
  • Learn about the features of a nuclear detonation you must prepare for in order to survive.
  • If society collapsed, who among your friends would rise to lead you all?
  • An adult party game with a post-apocalyptic twist that will give you hours of fun, as you see a side of the other players you wish didn’t exist.
  • A game designed by the author of Dark Ages: 2020 - JD Dutra. This deck can also be used as regular playing cards.


The card game played by preppers and survivalists around the world.

Endorsed by the leaders of the preparedness community.


Russian media has boasted that its latest nuclear missile can easily "erase from the face of the Earth land plots the size of France or Texas".

Today, nine countries together possess more than 15,000 nuclear weapons (and those are only the official numbers). Make no mistake, those are made specifically to destroy an enemy country's civilian population. Than's you and your countrymen.

Before the next World War takes place and a nuclear bomb detonates too close for comfort, what steps can you take to prepare? How can you survive a nuclear detonation? How do you carry on afterward? Conflicted Deck 6 will help you find answers to these questions and many others.

Check out the pictures where you'll find samples of the scenarios included in this deck, as well as the rules on how to play Conflicted: The Survival Card Game - Deck 6, Nuclear Fallout.

Conflicted: The Survival Card Game lets you explore your own survival philosophy and that of others. When playing Conflicted, every reaction to a scenario counts, from body language and interpretation of the scenario to the answer itself.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” - Plato

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