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Freedom's Forge Patriot Statue

"Freedom's Forge" is meant to instill a sense of life, liberty, justice and freedom in the individual. History has shown, vis-à-vis the rise and fall of nations comprised of a collection of individuals, that our natural being demands these rights, and when we deviate from them we suffer. Thus, in order to retain life, liberty, justice and freedom, the individual must be the forge from which those ideals are realized. -- McCormack (he bought the statue and got to choose the name)
This hand sculpted Patriot was commissioned by "Stone" to represent the American
"Spirit of Liberty" and the values that made America great.
This is a patriot, in battle, running to the front lines, carrying the American Flag in his left hand and a musket in his right hand. There is also a musket across his back and 2 hatchets strapped to his waist.

Patriot Card Decks

The Patriot Playing Cards and the Patriot sculpture were made in remembrance of the American Colonials who believed in the ideals of the American Founding Fathers, and became a free people through their own personal sacrifice. They risked it all to leave a legacy of freedom to their families and to those who they would never know.
We are promoting a new project aimed at spreading the ideals of the American Founding Fathers - Which are small government and a free and self-reliant people.  We have custom made, high grade playing cards with the quotes of the Founding Fathers on government, economy and freedom.

Each individual card was custom made, by the renowned artist Mark Aro, to reflect the artistic style of 1776. Thick lines, a weathered look, high grade linen textured paper and a simple yet striking design makes these cards the perfect gift for patriots, conservatives and liberals alike. In our deck are many great quotes by the Founding Fathers, this is one of them: "When the government fears the people, it is liberty. When the people fear the government, it is tyranny." -- Thomas Paine The message they fought and died for got through and was penned in the Constitution, "We the people"! You are on the front lines of the political battles of today. Help us get the message through. Get your Deck Today!

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