Humless - Battery Backup


When the lights go out do you have peace of mind? Are you prepared? Be Honest. Do you have a way to get power when the lights go out? If you have a plan, congrats! What's plan B, when the gas isn't accessible? What is your backup plan? As we have talked about this its important to have options. And although this unit isn't EMP proof, it does have many other redeemable qualities other generators lack.
  1. It's Light-Weight, Durable, and Portable.
  2. Long Lasting 7-10 Years It doesn't need fuel to bring you power.
  3. Easy to Use Simple to Operate and install, no maintenance.
  4. It's Safe and Silent, it Hums! That's right its quite so if you don't want to give away a location and you need power this is it folks. No Fumes, no acid, no noise.
  5. Peace of Mind Awesome as a plan A for power due to its ability to recharge using natural sunlight and solar panels to produce power it also has the ability to be plugged in to normal outlet for recharge and store making it ready when lights go out. So if you don't already have a generator think of  Plan B  as gas generator. And start Plan A action plan for Power. If Gas generator is your currant plan get a back up.
As we talk options we are always reminding friends its good to have options. What could you use it for. This could be the peace of mind your looking for adapting to the first hours of a Hurricane or a Grid melt down. Power will help to be one less thing you have to worry supplying to your family. So Dad, are you prepared when the powers out? And Plan A is compromised?

Check out the options below:

 1500 Series - 50Ah

Weight 34LBS
Long Life 7+years
Battery 640wh advanced lithium
Inverter 1.5kw PSW
Options  240Vac/50Hz


1500 Series - 100Ah

Weight 47lbs (21.6Kg)
Long Life 7 + years
Battery: 1.3 KWh advanced lithium
Inverter: 1.5kW PSW
Options 240VAC/50Hz


Off-Grid Series- 12kWh

Weight 517lbs (235Kg)
Long Life 10 + years
Battery: 12kWh-38kWh advanced lithium
Inverter: 3.3kW PSW
Options 240-480 Vac (1&3-phase)