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Top 10 Scariest Zombie Board Games To Play With Your Friends and Family

By Shanna Wiscombe June 11, 2021 0 comments

Top 10 Scariest Zombie Board Games

  1. "Zombicide"
  2. Dead of Winter
  3. Tiny Epic Zombies
  4. The Walking Dead: All Out War
  5. Zombie Dice
  6. Last Night on Earth
  7. Dawn of the Zeds
  8. Hit Z Road
  9. City of Horror
  10. Conflicted The Survival Card Game


Zombies are one of the most iconic staples in horror, but that doesn't mean they're limited to just film and television. In fact, there's plenty of zombie board games out there for your tabletop, either trying to survive their attacks or take them down yourself. With this in mind we've outlined some fantastic zombie-themed board games below so you can bring a little more mortality into family game night!

1. "Zombicide"

The goal is simple: kill all zombies before they destroy humanity (or at least what's left). This asymmetrical cooperative game pits humans against the undead horde with players taking on roles such as police officer or sniper; every player has a unique set of abilities which change how each person plays during gameplay

Zombicide is the ultimate tabletop RPG. There are ten different scenarios in the base game, and over eight years since its release it has received multiple expansions, sequels and spin-offs including a medieval fantasy plague with mutated space zombies! The second edition of Zombicide will be released later this year that features 25 new scenarios as well as a fully-fledged role playing game set to launch soon - now’s your chance to go zombie hunting.


2. Dead of Winter

It's a cold, cruel world out there when you're surrounded by zombies. In Dead of Winter they'll seem like your only threat - but don't let that fool you! You'll also need to deal with the freezing weather and an ever-present danger: betrayal from within your group. Thankfully, in this bleak post-apocalyptic zombie world where trust is hard to come by it will always help to have friends around for support...or so you think until one of them betrays you or even your whole group.

The players must work together to survive the winter by scavenging for resources in buildings around them while simultaneously searching for survivors they can save from other colonies who have been overrun with zombies. One player may be secretly working against all others!

You'll face tough decisions in this game, like whether or not you have the food supplies to take on additional survivors. And if one of your own becomes infected before they start a chain reaction that wipes out your entire colony, it's time for mercy kill.

Dead of Winter infuses everything we love about being human or not (zombies) into its undead cocktail making the perfect story worth tasting time after time again as our feelings change whether humanity prevails over cruelty. 


3. Tiny Epic Zombies

Tiny Epic Zombies gives players the chance to be heroic survivors in a zombie-infested mall. Players compete and work together, scouring locations for playable heroes such as The Teacher or The Athlete while fending off relentless zombies with weapons like baseball bats or fire extinguishers.

This game is best played cooperatively versus solo but also has an option for competitive play against AI opponents from six different factions (human on human).

Despite the small size, Tiny Epic Zombies' fun components really help sell it. Equipping a little plastic chainsaw on your meeple before heading out to hunt some zeds is always great and who can resist placing their meeple in the little wooden police car before crashing into the hardware store? Even though this game isn't as big or complicated as its other siblings here (like Kingdomino), there's still plenty of opportunity for players to enjoy themselves with all that they have available!


4. The Walking Dead: All Out War

With its larger-than-life heroes and villains waging war across a dangerous post-apocalyptic battlefield, the Walking Dead provides players with everything they need for an epic miniatures wargame. Players can draft their favorite characters like Rick or Michonne along with important equipment such as Rick's lucky hat to play out these tense battles in All Out War! Characters take turns moving around the map looking for supplies while rolling dice to fight off enemies - both live ones and those who have passed on into death.

The Walking Dead: All Out War is a game where the zombies are your worst enemy. The factions of both survivors and walkers have never been this stressful of a threat adding to the mayhem you face in every turn. Survive by using terrain, zombie horde positioning, or sneaking past them altogether as they hide from noise - like firing guns into crowds of people; because no one can be trusted on either side during these intervals when everything comes down to chaos for survival!


 5. Zombie Dice

Rise from the grave and try to keep your head in this fast-paced dice game. Become a zombie and battle against survivors as they amass shotguns, grenades, chainsaws - anything that will make them feel more powerful than you! But what if we want to switch sides? Enter Zombie Dice; gameplay couldn't be simpler: one cup of 13 custom dice with 3 random ones at time rolled (2 being brain eaters). Survive for 5 rounds while avoiding shotgun blasts or get blasted by hunters without fear when playing solo.

There are three dice in this game. The green die means you're safe, the blue one is a little risky but not too bad. But if your roll comes up red? You better stop immediately or else you'll be dead within 3 rolls of that same color! If someone shoots at you and manages to hit once with their shotgun, they can shoot again instantly for free so watch out!


6. Last Night on Earth


Are you looking for a fun zombie-themed board game? Look no further! Last Night on Earth is the perfect choice. This B-movie like card game is sure to take your night from boring and bland, to action packed with thrilling suspense. The humans have their work cut out for them as they must complete various scenarios such as gathering gas or killing many undead in order to escape alive. On the other side of things are players who get an extra thrill by playing against two human opponents while becoming one of those pesky monsters themselves that everyone hates so much...

Last Night on Earth is a tactical combat game that has inspired many similar games over the decade since its release. The endearing and self-aware theme focus on fun rather than brains, make this one of those rare shelf worthy titles.


7. Dawn of the Zeds

Dawn of the Zeds is a cooperative and competitive zombie apocalypse game for up to five players. Featuring no fewer than five rulebooks, automated zombies and a lengthy play time, Dawn of the Zeds works particularly well as solo game - in fact it was originally designed specifically for one player who handles all actions, events and movement. The most recent third edition includes modes with cooperative gameplay alongside its competitive mode so you can enjoy playing this top-rated boardgame alone or with friends!

Despite its potential complexity, the game is highly customizable with multiple difficulty levels that greatly alter gameplay and add entirely new mechanics - hence all the rulebooks. If you like zombies but want your tabletop gaming with a bit more meat on it bones, Dawn of the Zeds is for you!


8. Hit Z Road

Most zombie stories end with the survivors escaping their current predicament into a hopefully brighter future somewhere else. Hit Z Road dares to continue the story on that road - specifically, across America's Route 66 in an undead-infested United States.

It's hard to imagine that the once-beloved state of California could be plagued with hordes and hordes or zombies. However, as players make their way further into the west, they'll need to carefully balance both resources in order to survive. Who knows what awaits them at this point?

The farther west you go on your journey across America -the less likely it is that there will still be survivors waiting for you; those who have yet been bitten by a zombie are few and far between these days. Players must do whatever they can in order maintain themselves from becoming "zombified" before reaching safety!


9. City of Horror

City of Horror is a survival game where players desperately negotiate to save their survivors and gather the precious vaccines scattered around the map. There's more than just surviving that needs to happen - for example: establishing society and passing civic policies are becoming increasingly impossible tasks when humans have been reduced into biting pieces by ravenous zombies.

Each player gets dealt several characters for safekeeping, but unlike other zombie games on this particular grid these are just your average everyday people--not some well-trained soldier or scientist with hours of experience in fighting zombies. And they'll get eaten! A lot...


10. Conflicted The Survival Card Game

Conflicted is a series of apocalypse card games that can be played in different scenarios. These include nuclear fallout, survivalist situations, financial collapse, government conspiracy and even southern prepper scenario to name just a few!

With our survival card games, we tackled the psychological, philosophical, and technical aspects of surviving the end of modern society. With our board game, we wanted to focus on strategy and tactics in a fun and entertaining way that could appeal not only to those with a survival mindset but also to everyday gamers looking for some good times or just an escape from reality. Today we've gone from 1 card deck all about survival 10 years ago when I first started working on this project as nothing more than something personal worth pursuing--to now having over 50 different decks tackling every conceivable type of scenario imaginable-covering everything you can imagine like hunting techniques (field dressing your kill).

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